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Paper Use GHG Reporting (MMSW)

Paper Use 

Paper use for recycling-related promotion and education materials

To complete this section of your GHG report, you will need to know how much paper by weight has been purchased for printed recycling brochures, pamphlets, etc.

The paper type (e.g. card stock, multi-purpose paper, copy paper, printer paper, etc.) must be known as well as the percent of recycled content (e.g. 100 boxes of 20lb box of 8.5 x 11” recycled multi-purpose paper; 100% recycled content).

If your recycling guides/brochures also include information related to your organics or garbage collection, please divide your total volume of paper purchased by the number of pages allocated to recycling of waste packaging and paper.

Below is a guide to help you determine the type of paper you are using to produce your printed recycling promotion and education materials:


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