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Updates to Part One

Section Title Revision


What is packaging and paper product?

Expanded definition of packaging and paper products to include Single Use Products and Packaging Like Products for Recycle BC stewards

Clarification of materials covered under separate regulation - Pesticides and Solvent and Flammable Liquid Containers

Updates to these categories of materials to clarify reporting of aerosol containers to Recycle BC.


How do I determine if my business or organization is responsible as the brand owner, franchisor or first importer?

Addition of 1.10.4 with updated explanation of responsible steward for service packaging for Recycle BC Stewards  


Please note re Stewardship Ontario reporting:

1)     At the time this Guidebook was being finalized, Stewardship Ontario was consulting with stewards on a Simplified Approach that would eliminate the need for stewards to report 2021 supply-to-market data to Stewardship Ontario. 

2)    Guidance provided in this Guidebook for Stewardship Ontario reporting applies only to the current regulatory requirements and not the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act and the transition under that legislation which will begin in 2023.

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