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1.0 Introduction

Resource Recovery Alliance Inc. (RRA) prepared this guidebook to help organizations understand their potential legal obligations as stewards (sometimes referred to as producers) under the provincial packaging and paper product (PPP) materials recycling regulations in British Columbia (BC), Saskatchewan (SK), Manitoba (MB) and Ontario (ON) . Stewards should note that due to the slight variations in the description and definition of designated materials across provinces, for the purposes of harmonization, RRA will use Packaging and Paper Product or PPP as an umbrella term to cover the designated materials across the four programs.

This guidebook was created to provide existing and prospective stewards of the four PPP stewardship programs supported by RRA with a single resource which is harmonized among provinces to the greatest extent possible. It provides an outline of stewards’ obligations across all four provincial programs serving as a single resource for packaging and paper product stewardship obligations in Canada (with the exception of Quebec). This guidebook will be updated as needed and registered stewards will be advised of updates to this guidebook.

Your organization may be a steward under applicable provincial regulations if, for example, you are a brand owner, first importer, restaurant, retailer (including on-line retailers), government entity, college, university, church, distributor or wholesaler that supplies packaging or paper product to residential consumers. You may also be a steward if your organization is a utility, an insurance company or bank, or other financial services company that supplies, for example, printed statements, pamphlets, or annual reports, or issues paper bills to residential (i.e., non-commercial) consumers in one or more of the provinces. Qualifying as a steward means your organization has a legal obligation under the recycling regulations to participate in a provincially approved plan designed to address the end-of-life management of the packaging and/ or paper product your organization supplies.

Your obligations may include:

  • Participating in provincial stewardship organizations in the provinces where you are deemed to be a steward.
  • Filing reports with stewardship organizations. This will include reporting the types and quantities of packaging and/or paper product supplied to residential consumers.
  • Paying fees based on the quantities of packaging and/or paper product reported to the stewardship organization(s) in which you participate.
  • Retaining records related to your steward reports for review and verification.

The Guidebook for Stewards is organized in the following way:

Part One – Are you a steward?

Part One introduces Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), describes the common elements of the packaging and paper product stewardship regulations, and will help you determine whether you are an obligated steward.

Part Two – How to prepare your steward report

Part Two provides information on the type of data stewards should collect and best practices in reporting.

Part Three – WeRecycle Material List

Part Three provides definitions of the materials that stewards must report in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, along with examples and reporting tips. Program Material Lists are provided for each program as well as a WeRecycle Material List that incorporates all designated materials in all four provinces.


This guidebook is in effect from its date of publication until a subsequent version is published. Subsequent versions will supersede the contents of this guidebook. This publication provides direction for stewards but does not constitute a legal document. Resource Recovery Alliance Inc. (RRA) reserves the right to change this guidebook at any time by publishing such changes on its website. Stewards will be notified of any substantive changes or the posting of additional resource materials to this guidebook. The information in this guidebook cannot be re-published without the written permission of RRA.

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