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1.0 Introduction

Your organization may be a steward under applicable provincial regulations if, for example, you are a brand owner, first importer, franchisor, manufacturer, restaurant, retailer (including on-line retailers), government entity, college, university, church, distributor or wholesaler that supplies packaging or paper product to residential consumers, even where your supply of this material to residential consumers may be done through other business entities. You may also be a steward if your organization is a utility, an insurance company or bank, or other financial services company that supplies, for example, printed statements, pamphlets, or annual reports, or issues paper bills to residential (i.e., non-commercial) consumers in one or more of the provinces. Qualifying as a steward means your organization has a legal obligation under the recycling regulations to participate in a provincially approved plan designed to address the end-of-life management of the packaging and/ or paper product your organization supplies. This obligation includes reporting supplied materials, paying fees and retaining records. 

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