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1.12 How do I register with one or more stewardship programs?

It is time to register if you have reviewed Part One of this Guidebook and determined that:

Check.png your organization is the obligated steward for material supplied to residential consumers in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and/or Ontario, or
Check.png you have decided to register as a voluntary steward, or
Check.png you are already registered as a steward (or voluntary steward) in one province but would like to register as a steward in another province, or
Check.png you have just become aware of your stewardship obligations.

Please see below links to the stewardship organizations supported by Circular Materials.

We encourage you to visit these sites to learn more about these stewardship organizations:

When you are ready to register for one or more stewardship programs, you can register on the WeRecycle Portal.

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