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2.0 Introduction

If you are an obligated steward or are registering as a voluntary steward, it is time to begin collecting your data. This section will prepare you to file your annual steward report(s), including providing information on data collection, methodologies and record keeping.

Companies that have determined they are an obligated steward will use the WeRecycle Portal to register and confirm their obligation. As a steward, you will be asked to supply basic contact information for your organization and then identify a representative, authorized by a senior officer of your organization whom we refer to as the “Primary Contact” (PC), to be the main contact for your organization. The PC has the authority to confirm your obligation for all applicable stewardship programs file and submit reports and when necessary request an amendment to a report (See Policy for Steward-Initiated Adjustment Requests) to a report.

The Primary Contact has access to all Portal functions and can assign other contacts listed below:

  • A Secondary Contact is an optional contact who can view reports and invoices, receive program related communications and assign other secondary or environmental contacts.
  • An Environmental Lead is an optional contact who can view reports and invoices and will receive program - related communications.
  • A Billing Contact will receive copies of invoices and financial statements relating to the steward’s account and has the ability to enter data but cannot submit reports. The Billing Contact will receive program - related communications.
  • A Signing Officer has the authority to legally blind the organization, which includes executing Agreements as part of registration.

The same person can act as both the Secondary Contact and the Environmental Lead but there can only be one Primary Contact per program. For more information about using the Portal and completing all registration steps, please refer to the WeRecycle Steward Portal User Guide.

2.0.1 Why is the accuracy of reports so important for stewards?

It is very important that each steward report its designated packaging and paper product materials accurately in order to ensure stewardship program costs are distributed fairly among all stewards. Stewards’ reported quantities of the PPP they supply to residential consumers are a key input to the calculation of annual stewardship fees.

To ensure fairness to all, we require stewards to explain the methodologies they use to prepare their reports when they submit their annual reports through the WeRecycle Portal.

The reporting methodologies used and the data reported by stewards are subject to review and verification. Stewards are required to maintain records for five years. Process documentation and record keeping also help to ensure consistency and accuracy of your reports year-over-year.

Stewards have the choice of reporting against the WeRecycle Material List or the program material lists. For stewards reporting in more than one program, the WeRecycle Material list is a good option as it is a compilation of all four program material lists. For stewards reporting in one program they may report using the individual program material list.

Data collection may include the use of estimates in the absence of packaging weight and composition data. Estimates must be clearly and carefully explained and well-supported. Stewards who do not know the exact quantities supplied to residential consumers in a jurisdiction may use the Statistics Canada Population Percentages as provided by Statistics Canada and available here to estimate the distribution of their products across provinces.

In all cases we encourage stewards to:

  • base estimates used to inform steward reports on valid and verifiable information;
  • make reasonable estimates, and refer to accounting practices and professional standards for guidance on what is reasonable;
  • retain records and be aware that steward reports are subject to verification for a period of five years; and 
  • review your reporting processes and methodologies each year prior to submitting your data as methodology changes cannot be applied retroactively.

2.0.2 When do I have to report and pay?

Stewards file their annual steward reports by May 31 of each calendar year.

The steward report includes the weights and/or quantities of designated PPP supplied to residential consumers during the previous year in each province where they are a steward. For example, the steward report submitted by May 31, 2023 will be based on quantities of PPP supplied during 2022.

The steward will be invoiced in 2024 based on the report submitted in May of 2023. In summary, a report based on 2022 data would be submitted by May 31 of 2023 and invoiced in 2024.

The total fees are calculated by multiplying each material category fee rate by the quantity of the material you supplied.

For new stewards that do not have prior year data to report, estimates of PPP supplied may be used to calculate the stewards’ fees. The Customer Relations team can assist any new steward in determining the best way to develop these estimates, and how to complete their first reports as each situation can be quite different. Please refer to the Onboarding Policy for additional onboarding principles.

Stewardship Ontario stewards please refer to the transition timelines for more information.

2.0.3 Step-by-step guide to compiling your steward report

What follows is a step-by-step guide designed to assist you through the process of preparing your steward report. Should you have additional questions about how to prepare your report after reviewing this section please contact Circular Materials’s Customer Relations team at 1 (888) 980-9549 and a Customer Relations Representative will be pleased to assist you. Stewards Ontario stewards please contact Customer Relations to see if your organization is eligible for simplified fee setting as part of Blue Box transition.

How to prepare a steward report:

  1. Identify scope
  2. Select a methodology
  3. Obtain sales data and/or information on services provided
  4. Determine the weight of designated materials for each product/service/activity
  5. Calculate total kilograms of PPP for each material category
  6. Identify any additional materials to report
  7. Maintain the integrity of your reporting process and data

2.0.4 Resources to assist in preparing your report

There are additional resources available to assist you in preparing your steward report. Please visit the Reporting Resources page on the Circular Materials website for:

  • Ready to Report Checklist and Webinar
  • Best Practice Reporting Tips
  • Sector Specific Reporting Tip Sheets
  • Portal User Guide

Circular Materials's Customer Relations team is available to help you and provide guidance on preparing your stewardship reports. Please contact Customer Relations by phone at 1 (888) 980-9549 or by email at

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