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2.1 Step One: Identify scope

  1. It is important that you identify and report only the PPP for which you are obligated. You will therefore need to identify the services, products and activities associated with your organization that result in designated PPP being supplied either directly or indirectly to the residential consumers.
  2. Stewards should not report PPP that is the responsibility of another steward. Circular Materials provides a list of registered stewards and voluntary stewards and we ask that stewards review this list prior to filing their reports. The steward lists are based on information provided by stewards and can be found on the Circular Materials Reporting Resources page and on the individual program websites.

Are you aware of unregistered stewards?

Circular Materials welcomes information to identify unregistered stewards. Please check the provincial/national steward lists to determine if a company is registered. If an organization appears to be obligated and is not registered, there are two ways you can let us know:

Contact Circular Materials via email at:, or, anonymously complete an on-line form available on each of the provincial program websites.

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