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2.6 Step Six: Identify any additional materials to report

In addition to packaging materials associated with products for which you are the brand owner or first importer, there are other materials which need to be included in your annual steward reports such as service packaging, paper products and printed materials distributed to residential homes, cash register receipts, brochures, coupons, take- out menus, annual statements, printed paper distributed to employees including Record of Employment, T4s and paystubs, to name just a few. See section 1.9 in Part One of the Guidebook for more information.

Items to be reported Source of weight and material classification Additional comments
Service packaging

(E.g., shopping bags, receipt rolls, quick serve food containers)
Vendor – Typically can provide weight by case and the material used Ensure the weight provided does not include the box used to ship the service packaging to the steward as this will not be provided to the end consumer and therefore does not need to be included.

Service packaging can be tracked and reported using the total weight of materials shipped to store locations (vs. tracking materials that have left each store with customers).
Printed materials and paper product
(E.g. product catalogues, flyers, annual reports, brochures, take out menus, T4s, paystubs etc.)
Printing Company – Typically can provide total weight of all paper used for the order. Ensure the weight is in the correct unit of measurement (i.e. kg).

As with all other aspects of your report, ensure any information provided by a third party is retained as it may be requested for report validation.