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Am I able to deduct bags returned to retail?

I am a retailer registered in all four programs and we offer a return-to-retail program for plastic carry-out bags. Sometimes other retailers carry out bags are returned to us. A private contractor manages the end of life of these bags. Am I able to deduct this tonnage from my report as it will not end up in the residential waste stream?

MMSM and Stewardship Ontario are the only programs in which stewards may claim a deduction for plastic bags which are returned to retail as part of a return to retail program for plastic bags. A Deduction Declaration Form must be completed and submitted on the WeRecycle Portal by all stewards in Manitoba and Ontario that report a reduced quantity of their total plastic bags supplied due to their return to retail program. Stewards that commingle their plastic bag returns with other plastic such as overwrap must ensure that the deducted quantity for plastic bags does not include other plastic material. Stewards claiming a deduction for plastic bags may be required by the Program to provide supporting documentation to validate their deduction. Please review the Deduction and Exclusion policy for more details.