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Do I need to report reusable bags I provide to customers at the point of sale?

The bags you sell to your consumers that are durable and reusable (often sold by retailers to reduce the use of single-use carry-out bags) do not need to be included in your steward report - these types of bags are considered to be a product. However, the reusable bags that you supply to consumers at point of sale are considered service packaging and must be reported in all four programs.

There are some differences between the four programs in how to report carry-out bags provided to consumers as service packaging as follows:

  • In Ontario, if you supply your consumers with textile-only bags at the point of sale, this material will be reported under Natural and Synthetic Textiles.
  • In all other provinces, woven or non-woven plastic bags intended for more than one use should be reported under Plastic Laminates.