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How do I report confectionery products where some PPP is disposed of outside the residential waste stream?

If a steward has research that indicates that a portion of its confectionery products are consumed away from consumers’ homes and believes therefore that a portion of the packaging may be managed outside of the residential waste stream, it may claim a deduction for that portion of packaging disposed of away from home. To support a deduction of a portion of wrappers from the steward’s annual report, the steward must conduct a valid study which shows:

  • disposal patterns of single serve confectionery products (as distinct from consumption patterns),
  • ensure the study is a reflection of the steward’s consumers,
  • ensure the study is supported by validation data.

Once this type of research is conducted and the results are known, the Steward may apply the results against their SKU level data. The Steward will complete and submit the Deduction Declaration Form as part of their annual steward report. For more information, please see the Deduction and Exclusion Policy.

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