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How do I report magazines?

Consider the following when reporting magazines.  

Am I obligated to report samples distributed with my magazine, such as lotion or perfume? 

The brand owner of the sample is the obligated steward if that brand owner has residency in the relevant province and is responsible for reporting the packaging and/or printed material associated with any samples distributed to residential consumers. If, however, that brand owner does not have residency and is not a voluntary steward, you are obligated as the first importer and need to include in your steward report the PPP associated with samples distributed on their behalf.

My magazine is printed on newsprint- should I report it under Magazines or Other Newsprint? 

If you distribute non-glossy magazines printed on newsprint, report that publication under Other Newsprint-Non-CNA/ OCNA Members or Newsprint (inserts and circulars)

Am I able to exclude or deduct magazines that are intended to be kept for a long time? 

All magazines supplied to residential consumers must be reported as they will eventually be disposed of in the residential waste stream. 

What is the difference between a magazine and a catalogue?

Both magazines and catalogues can be printed on glossy or non-glossy paper. However, a magazine is a bound periodical which typically includes a masthead.

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