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How do I report newspapers?

Consider the following when reporting newspapers.  

What is the difference between CNA/OCNA and Non-CNA/OCNA newspaper material categories in Ontario? 

Ontario stewards that are members in good standing of News Media Canada or the Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA) as of January 1 of the reporting year should report their newspapers under Newspaper – CNA/OCNA Members.  Inserts or flyers distributed with CNA/OCNA member papers should be reported under Other Newsprint–Non-CNA/OCNA Members, Newsprint (inserts and circulars) or Other Printed Materials. Ontario stewards that distribute newspapers that are not members of News Media Canada or Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA) should report newspapers under Other Newsprint – Non-CNA/OCNA Members.

I am in Manitoba. How do I report newspapers?

In Manitoba, newspaper publishers that are listed as members in good standing of News Media Canada (formerly Canadian Newspaper Association, CNA) are to report their newspapers under Newsprint - Publishers.

What is the difference between newspapers and newsprint? 

A newspaper is a publication (usually with a masthead) printed on newsprint, whereas all other forms of communication printed on newsprint should be reported as Newsprint

Am I obligated to report inserts? 

The brand owner of the insert is the obligated steward if that brand owner has residency in the relevant province or has elected to become a voluntary steward and is responsible for reporting any inserts distributed to residential consumers. If, however, the brand owner for the insert does not have residency and is not a voluntary steward, you are obligated as the first importer and need to include in your steward report the inserts you distribute on their behalf.