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How do I use the Steward List?

It is important that you only report the materials for which you are the resident brand owner, resident first importer or franchisor.

Each year, Circular Materials publishes a list of registered and Voluntary Stewards for each program. It is recommended that you consult this list prior to preparing your steward report to ensure that you do not report any material that is the responsibility of another registered or voluntary steward. Please note that the data in the list is based on information provided by stewards.

You can find the steward lists on the Reporting Resources page. 

What is the National Steward List?

The National Steward List consolidates registered resident and voluntary stewards for the Recycle BC, MMSW, MMSM and Stewardship Ontario programs for Packaging and Paper Product (PPP) in a single Excel file. The List includes registered businesses and program change logs. Specific lists for each program are also available.

How does the List help stewards?

It makes it easier for retailers and other first importers to identify which suppliers’ PPP to include or exclude from their reports and assists in determining if a company is a resident or voluntary steward. Generally, if a supplier is on the list, the steward does not need to report the PPP related to materials from that supplier.

Remember, stewards do not need to report PPP associated with resident brand owners, even if those resident brand owners do not appear on a Steward List.  The list provides program acronyms across the top columns indicating where the company is considered a resident or voluntary steward. It is important to do this analysis for each of the PPP programs for which your organization is obligated.

Can I use only the List to determine if my suppliers are stewards?

It is important that stewards rely on their own vendor records to determine if their suppliers are resident in an applicable province.

What is the Change Log?

As steward status can change from year to year, the Change Log helps retailers and other first importers easily identify any changes to last year’s List. The tabs in the National Steward List include changes for each program. The reason for the change is also provided so that stewards can adjust their reports accordingly.

Tip for new stewards

Before using the Steward List, identify any resident businesses in the province from your vendor list in order to exclude their designated PPP from your report. Then compare your vendor list with the Steward List in order to exclude any resident or voluntary steward under the applicable program.

Process for existing stewards
  1. Review any new vendors acquired in the prior calendar year.
  2. Check if those new vendors appear on the Steward List.
  3. Review the Change Log for any changes to your current list of vendors.
Common issues for using lists
  • Matching your vendor name to the vendor’s name on the Steward List
    • Conditional formatting and generic VLOOKUPS will not work unless the name in your system is identical to the name with which the steward registered.
  • Identifying vendors under parent companies or operating under a different name
    • When companies merge their stewardship accounts, it will be displayed in the Change Log. Review the Type of Change column to see who they are now reporting under.
    • It is important to make note of this information in your system to ensure that vendor is not included in future years, as information regarding mergers is only displayed in the Change Log in the year the change is relevant.

For questions or further assistance with the National Steward List or Change Log, please contact Customer Relations at or 1 (888) 980-9549.




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