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I am a CBCRA member in Manitoba, where do I report beverage containers?

If you are a CBCRA member in Manitoba, please report all designated beverage containers (and the associated secondary packaging) supplied to consumers in Manitoba in your CBCRA specific report in the WeRecycle Portal.

The CBCRA tonnage that you report is not included in the fee calculation for MMSM materials – it is managed separately by CBCRA. When you include data in your CBCRA report, it ensures that your CBCRA materials are covered by the fees you submit monthly to CBCRA and avoids the need for any adjustments.

Please remember to report both the tonnage and units for the CBCRA materials which you supply into the residential waste stream. If you supply beverage containers in Manitoba and are not a registered member of CBCRA, please report all non- alcoholic beverage containers to MMSM. Please review CBCRA’s program information on CBCRA's website to determine whether you are required to become a CBCRA member.

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