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I am a quick service restaurant/theatre in British Columbia. We provide straws, stir sticks, take-out food containers and drink cups to consumers. Am I required to report and pay fees on these products?

The British Columbia Recycling Regulation was amended in September 2020 changing the scope of materials designated under the Recycle BC program to include Single-Use Products and Packaging-Like Products (SUP/PLP). Straws, stir sticks, takeout food containers and cups are considered single-use products and are designated materials on which producers are required to report and pay fees.  If the items are branded, they will need to be captured in your annual steward report. If they are not branded and your organization is not the first importer they may be reported by the brand owner or first importer. For more information on designated SUP and PLP please refer to this Explanatory Note to the Regulation.