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I am a retailer and provide bags to consumers for the purchase of produce, bakery and bulk products. These bags are not branded. Who is responsible?

For Recycle BC stewards, starting with the 2022 reporting year (based on 2021 data) the obligated party required to report and pay fees for service packaging (including the bags provided to consumers for produce, bakery and bulk items) in British Columbia shifts from the “filler” who previously reported such packaging supplied to consumers at point of sale, to either the brand owner, first importer or franchisor of the packaging that is ultimately supplied to consumers in British Columbia.  If the service packaging carries a brand name it will remain the obligation of the brand owner. 

For MMSW, MMSM and Stewardship Ontario stewards, the party responsible for reporting and paying fees on service packaging remains the filler or the party that provides the service packaging to the consumer.