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I am a retailer in British Columbia that sells party décor such as paper streamers, party hats and banners as well as packaged paper cups, plates, utensils, and tablecloths. Am I required to report these products to Recycle BC as Packaging-Like Products?

The British Columbia Recycling Regulation was amended in September 2020 changing the scope of materials designated under the Recycle BC program to include Single-Use Products and Packaging-Like Products (SUP/PLP).  Single use cups, plates, utensils, paper party décor including hats, banners, pinatas, streamers, tablecloths and pinwheels sold as products (either singly or in a multi-pack) are now designated packaging like products and must be included in your steward report. You are also required to report the packaging associated with these products sold in multi-packs. For more information on the update to the BC Recycling Regulation to include SUP/PLP, please refer to this Explanatory Note.