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What are Single-Use Products and Packaging-Like Products (SUP/PLP)?

The definition of designated materials in BC has been expanded to include Single-Use Products and Packaging-Like Products (SUP/PLP). Recycle BC producers must include this material in their 2022 steward reports based on their 2021 supply data.

PLP are typically purchased as products and are often indistinguishable from packaging. SUP may not always be thought of as packaging but, similar to PLP, serve a single or short-term purpose.  

Please refer to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Explanatory Note on the definition of SUP and PLP, and see Recycle BC’s guidance for reporting SUP/PLP.  

The following are examples of SUP/PLP to be included in your steward report: 

SUP/PLP Examples

Food storage, lunch bags or wraps (paper and plastic) 

Recycling bags (for collecting recyclables) 

Aluminum foil, aluminum foil pie plates and trays 

LDPE or HDPE film (e.g. drop sheets for painting, furniture or equipment) 

Non-durable plastic, paper food containers such as hard plastic lunch containers.  

Bubble wrap 

Purchased gift or loot bags, boxes 

Plastic plant pots and saucers 

Purchased straws, stir sticks, and plastic utensils 

Wax and parchment paper 

Disposable (paper, plastic) cups, bowls, trays, cartons and plates etc.   

Paper party décor including streamers, banners, pinwheels, party hats and pinatas 

Corrugated cardboard moving boxes, bank boxes, cardboard boxes 



This change does not affect MMSW, MMSM, or Stewardship Ontario steward reports.