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Why should I include transit transfers in my report when people normally dispose of them on the street?

If you know the portion of transfers that are disposed of outside the residential waste stream you may deduct that portion of material from your annual report by completing the Deduction Declaration Form, providing appropriate validation data and describing the methodology used for calculating the deduction in the methodology section of the annual report.

If you do not have actual data to determine the portion of transfers not disposed of in the residential waste stream, you may undertake a third-party study to provide the necessary data. This could be a waste audit data or market research. If using this type of data, please ensure that:

  • a copy of the study, data or research is included along with your steward report,
  • information such as time frame of the study/research/data, demographics, location, survey questions, and results are clearly stated,
  • any other relevant information is provided and that the questions asked in the research and study demonstrate the percentage of transfers managed outside the residential waste stream.