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  • Please ensure all HR related documents and business cards are included in your steward report.
  • Please report all paper products distributed to consumers and households in your steward report. Most often this material is reported under Other Printed Materials. However, if printed on newsprint please report under: Other Newsprint - Non-CNA/OCNA Members (Ontario stewards) or Newsprint (inserts and circulars) for reporting outside Ontario.  
  • All alcoholic beverage containers are on deposit in BC, SK and ON therefore, alcoholic beverage containers should not be reported in these provinces. Beer containers are on deposit in MB therefore beer containers and their secondary packaging should not be reported to MMSM. Please refer to Part of the Guidebook for guidance on how to report secondary packaging associated with beer containers as this material is obligated differently in each province. This section of the Guidebook also provides you with links to the Coordinating organizations for alcoholic beverage containers in BC, SK and ON.   

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