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Non-Dairy Beverages

Non-dairy beverages include juice, soft drinks, water, energy drinks, and more. 


  • Recycle BC stewards must report both the straw and the straw wrapper on a ready to drink beverage as straws are designated single use products. Learn more.
  • Beverage containers registered with Encorp Pacific or SARCAN do not need to be reported to Recycle BC or MMSW.
    • Secondary packaging such as film plastic wrap, corrugated cardboard or boxboard associated with these containers should be reported to the applicable PPP program as only the containers and their enclosures are part of the deposit program.
  • For reporting tips on milk and milk substitute beverages (such as soy milk, almond milk etc.) please see: Dairy Products, Milk and Milk Substitute Beverages.
      • Please refer to the Dairy Products, Milk and Milk Substitute Beverages tip sheet for an explanation of changes to the BC Beverage Deposit Program which will be expanded to include milk and milk substitutes effective February 2022.  Please contact Customer Relations at for assistance with reporting the quantities of these products to be included in your 2021 report.
  • For reporting tips on alcoholic beverages please see:  Government, Government Agencies and Crown Corporations
    • Packaging from all ready-to-serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in multi-laminated foil pouches should be reported to MMSW as these containers are excluded from the SK deposit program.
  • The deposit programs in BC and SK do not cover containers from concentrates that require the consumer to mix with water prior to consumption. These containers should be reported to the applicable PPP program in each province.
  • MMSM: If you are a member of the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA), report all non-alcoholic beverage containers and their respective secondary packaging in the CBCRA portion of the WeRecycle Portal. Non-CBCRA members report non-alcoholic beverage containers to MMSM.
  • All ready-to-serve meal replacements, nutritional supplements, and infant beverage containers should be reported to the applicable PPP program as these are not included in any  beverage deposit program.
  • Please ensure that all HR related documents and business cards are included in your steward report.
  • Please check the resin codes on your plastic packaging as different plastics are reported under different material categories
  • Please include all secondary packaging that goes to the household such as the plastic wrap around multi-pack of juice boxes or water bottles.
  • Stewards may be able to use the Component Threshold Rule in reporting packaging that is made up of two or more different material types when certain components of the package constitute a small proportion of the entire package. Please see Part Two, Section 2.4.1 of the Guidebook for more details on how to use the Component Threshold Rule.
  • In Ontario and Manitoba, beverage stewards are able to use the Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) deduction, which allows stewards to deduct a portion of their beverage container packaging based on the proportion of beverage containers that will not be disposed of in the residential waste stream.  Please contact the CBA for more information.

More Information

You may supply other products that are not included in these sector tips. Please refer to the sectors listed below if you supply any of these additional products and require assistance in identifying the material category for reporting the packaging or paper products associated with these products.

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