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Stationery, Paper Products and Office Supplies


  • Please ensure all HR related documents and business cards are included in your steward report.
  • Please remember that reference books, bound literary books and bound textbooks are not designated and should not be included in your steward report.
  • Reporting in BC and SK:
    • Paper for general use including home, craft, hobby paper, loose-leaf paper purchased for home printers, blank or ruled notebooks, notepads and sketchpads and purchased wrapping paper are designated materials in BC and SK and need to be reported under Paper for General Use.
    • Purchased posters, calendars, greeting cards, blank envelopes purchased in bulk are designated materials in BC and SK and should be reported under Purchased Posters, Calendars, Greeting Cards and  Envelopes.

More Information 

You may supply other products that are not included in these sector tips. Please refer to the sectors listed below if you supply any of these additional products and require assistance in identifying the material category for reporting the packaging or paper products associated with these products.

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