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Ready to Report Checklist - PPP Programs

This checklist summarizes everything Packaging and Paper Product (PPP) stewards in Recycle BC, MMSW and MMSM should have on hand when preparing to submit report(s) on the WeRecycle Portal.

User ID & Password

Registered stewards/producers will need a User ID and password to log in to the portal. Use the ‘Did you forget your password?’ link to recover your login information, or contact Customer Relations for assistance. 

Understand Your Obligation

Know whether your organization is an Obligated steward or a Voluntary steward in Recycle BC / MMSW / MMSM. Steward Lists identify how each steward is registered. Additionally, be aware of any reporting or payment exemptions for which your organization is eligible, or if you qualify for flat fee reporting:

Material List

The WeRecycle Material List, formerly known as the National material list, allows Stewards to report against the very same materials for each of their PPP programs, facilitating data entry and comparing your supplied kg across programs. Stewards can also opt to use the Program material lists to prepare data (formerly known as Provincial material lists). Choose the material list that matches what you used to prepare your figures. Selecting the right list will ensure the correct table of materials is presented on the portal when entering data.


You will need to summarize your methodology in the portal, including information about your data collection process, changes from prior reports, deducted materials and explanations for any significant year-over-year changes in tonnage. Consider drafting this in advance. Stewards reporting deductions will need to provide details in the Deduction Declaration Form.

Data Table

Create a simple summary table or spreadsheet that shows the material categories you are reporting and the number of kg supplied before entering data in the portal.

Invoice Preferences

By default, your organization will be invoiced quarterly for each program you submit reports with. To request annual invoicing, please contact Customer Relations. 

Brands & Affiliates

If you have many brands, you can prepare a list of all brands you are reporting in a spreadsheet (CSV file). This can be uploaded to the portal as an attachment, rather than typing in each brand manually. A separate CSV file should be created for any affiliates, if applicable.


While a Secondary Contact can enter all your data, only the Primary Contact can click ‘submit’ on a report. Primary Contacts can use the 'Continue Report' tile to review reports prepared by their Secondary Contacts. Secondary Contacts can use the 'email reminder to primary contact' button on the submission page to let them know the report is ready for their review. If you need to change your existing Primary Contact, please complete Form 1 in the Primary Contact Authorization Forms and send it to

Customer Relations is available to assist with questions about the checklist or completing reports: or 1-877-667-2626.

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