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Detailed Reporting: Packaging and Paper Product

This page provides guidance on submitting annual Packaging and Paper Product steward/producer reports.

To begin, launch the 'Start a New Report' tile from the home page. 

Start Your Report

  1. Select 'Packaging and Paper Product'. 
  2. Review the table for information about which reports are submitted, and which are required. Click any icon for more information.
  3. Use the dropdown to select a period to report for. 
  4. Choose which program(s) to to report for. 
  5. Click 'Continue' to save this information and proceed. 



The legend below explains the meaning of each icon in the summary table shown above. Look for the exclamation marks to see which programs and periods you need to report for.

Icon Meaning Next Steps
checkmark.png A report has been submitted successfully No action required. 
x mark.png Your organization confirmed 'Not Obligated'.  No action required. Stewards/producers do not report in periods where they are not obligated with a program. 
pencil icon.png Your organization already has a report in progress for this program in this period.  From the home page, launch the 'Continue Report' tile to access this report and edit as needed before submitting. 
question mark.png Your organization has not yet confirmed obligation for this program in this period.  From the home page, launch the 'Confirm your Obligation' tile to confirm obligation and determine if a report is required. 
exclamation mark.png Your organization confirmed your obligated for this program in this period. A report is required.  Proceed to submit a report. 


Single Program and Multi Program Reports

If you selected multiple programs, you have the choice to file a 'Multi Program' or 'Single Program' report. If you have only selected one program, you can only file a 'Single Program' report, because there is only one program to report for. 

  • Multi Program reports allow you to enter quantities for more than one program on the same screen against the WeRecycle Material List.
  • Single Program reports allow you to see one program on screen at a time. 

Generally, if you report for more than one program, it is recommended to file a Multi Program report, as you only need to complete the methodology and brands sections once instead of once for each program. 




To facilitate your reporting experience, you can consider using the following in your report. 

  • Report by Percentage: Contact Customer Relations to determine if this feature is beneficial to your reporting. 
  • Report using Program Material List: By default, stewards/producers report against the WeRecycle Material List, which is harmonized across the packaging and paper product programs supported by Circular Materials. Alternatively, stewards/producers can choose to report against a program specific list. This option may suit organizations reporting in a single program, but generally it is recommended to use the WeRecycle Material List. 
  • Report with Divisions: Divisions allow you to split your report into different sections as you choose, perhaps by department or area of your organization's operations. 
  • Report with Portal Calculators: Portal calculators allow you to enter a number of units sold for a given product sector and have kg and materials allocate automatically. Contact Customer Relations to determine if this feature is suitable for your organization. If you have been approved to report using a calculator, please note that it is now optional to create a separate division per calculator. Calculator quantities can be submitted at the enterprise level (separate division) or within specified division(s) of your choosing. Divisions are not automatically created. 

Click 'Save Preferences' to proceed with your report. Note that to change any of these decisions after clicking 'Save Preferences', you will need to contact Customer Relations.



Material Quantities

This screen is where you enter your supplied quantities of designated packaging and paper product. 

  1. The unit of measure column indicates whether kg or units are required for this material. The majority of materials are reported by kg.
  2. When reporting for multiple programs, the total kg for the material will appear in this column.
  3. The total kg for all materials and programs appears in the top right.
  4. Bolded text identifies material headers, which total the material categories below. Click the chevron next to a material header to collapse or expand it. 
  5. The column headers show which program to enter quantities for.
  6. Use the cells to enter your quantities for the applicable materials. When entering data, please use whole numbers as the portal does not accept decimal points. 
  7. Click 'Save' at the bottom to save your quantities for later.
  8. Click 'Continue' to save your work and proceed to the next section.



In the methodology section, explain the process you undertook to gather data and prepare the quantities you reported. Please provide a thorough explanation to avoid questions about variances.

Click 'Save' to save your work, and click 'Continue' to save your work and proceed to the next section of reporting. 


Brands and Affiliates

In the brands and affiliates section, list every brand and affiliate represented by the quantities you reported. 

  1. The first table is for brands. You can either key in brands in each cell, or upload a .csv file with your brands.
  2. Use this button to download a .csv template for populating your brands before uploading. This is recommended if you have many brands. 
  3. Use this button to begin upload of a .csv file with your brands.
  4. If there is a report in the prior year, click this to copy all of your brands from that report. You can then add or remove brands as needed. 
  5. Click the '+' button to add more cells in which to key brands.
  6. Use the 'x' icon to delete a brand. 
  7. Use this button to copy information from a previous report to this section.
  8. The affiliates section works just like the brands section. You can key or upload affiliates as needed. This section is only required if your organization has affiliates included in your report. 
  9. Click 'Save' to save your work, and click 'Continue' to save your work and proceed to the next section of reporting. 



Now that your quantities, methodology, and brands have been provided, you can review your information and submit. Scroll up to review any of your previously entered information.

  1. Review your total quantities and basic information about the report you are about to submit.
  2. Read the terms and conditions.
  3. Click the checkbox to verify you have read the terms and conditions. 
  4. Click 'Submit Report' to finish.



Note: if you are a Secondary Contact, you will not be able to click 'Submit' on a report. Only the Primary Contact can submit reports. 

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