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MMSW Flat Fee Reporting

MMSW offers eligible organizations the option of flat fee reporting for total annual supplied quantities of packaging and paper less than 5,000 kg. This option eliminates the need to do detailed data gathering and weighing of materials, providing two weight categories with a set fee based on a range of packaging and paper materials commonly reported by all stewards/producers. The fees are determined each October with the material fee rate schedule.

Low volume fees are available for two reporting categories:

  • 1,000 to 2,499 kg
  • 2,500 to 5,000 kg

Organizations eligible for low volume fees need to review and sign the Terms and Conditions on the WeRecycle Portal.

Organizations that supply more than 5,000 kg of packaging and paper annually are required to submit detailed annual reports.


1. How do I determine if I am eligible to file a low volume report?

Current stewards can review their previous reports to determine if quantities fall into the low volume ranges. New stewards can contact Customer Relations for assistance.

2. What if I supply less than 1,000 kg?

Stewards supplying less than 1,000 kg in SK may be exempt for registering and reporting with the program. All businesses are encouraged to contact Customer Relations to review their obligation.

3. Where can I find the current low volume fee schedule for all material categories?

This information is published each October in the Report to Stewards and is also available here.

4. Are flat fees representative of all material categories? If I choose to pay a flat fee, can I change my reporting option to file a detailed report after the fees are determined?

The flat fee reporting option provides convenience to stewards, with the fee amount calculation based on a representative sample of all materials and fee rates. Once a flat fee report has been filed the Terms and Conditions prohibit filers from switching to detailed reports. Please note that flat fee reports are reviewed as part of the normal report verification process but are not eligible for steward-initiated adjustments.

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