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Confirm Your Obligation

Before you are able to report for a program in a given period, you will need to confirm your obligation for that program and period. To do so, launch the 'Confirm your Obligation' tile from your home page. 

Choose Program and Period

Begin by selecting the type of program. Doing so will present a summary of which periods require obligation to be confirmed for applicable programs. Click the icons in the table to learn more about your status.

  • A question mark indicates you must confirm your obligation
  • A check mark indicates you have already confirmed as 'obligated'
  • An 'X' indicates you have confirmed 'not obligated', and no report is required

Below the summary table, select the period you wish to confirm obligation for. The dropdown menu will present periods where obligation is available to be confirmed.



After selecting a period, select a program. If only one program is available for the period, it will be selected automatically. 

Lastly, click 'Continue' to proceed. 

Returning Stewards

If you confirmed obligation in the previous period, those answers will be presented for reference. Note the following on screen:

  1. The period and the program for which you are confirming obligation
  2. Whether you were 'obligated', 'voluntary' or 'not obligated' in the prior period
  3. Details regarding your obligation in the prior period
  4. Choices for confirming your obligation for the selected program and period


Click one of the buttons to proceed:

  • If your obligation has not changed, simply select the button that matches your obligation from last year (obligated or voluntary).
  • If you are now not obligated, click 'Not Obligated'. Answer the questions that follow to confirm your obligation.
  • If you are not sure, click 'Unsure' to answer a series of questions to determine if you are obligated, voluntary, or not obligated.



To confirm your obligation, please review. If the information presented is correct, click the 'I Confirm My Answers' button at the bottom. If a change is needed, please click the 'Edit' button in the upper right. 

  1. Note your obligation status (obligated, voluntary, or not obligated)
  2. If this is not correct, use the 'Edit' button to make changes as needed
  3. Review details about your obligation
  4. Click 'I confirm my answers' to proceed

Note: If after confirming, you realize a change needs to be made, please contact National Steward Services for assistance at or 1 (888) 980-9549. 



You're done! Now, you can choose whether to answer obligation questions for another program, return to the home page, or start reporting. 

New Stewards

If you recently registered with a program, you will need to confirm obligation for each period. Begin by following the steps in the 'Choose Program and Period' section above. 

After selecting a program,  choose one of four options:

  1. If you know you are an obligated steward, select 'Obligated'
  2. If you know you are a Voluntary Steward, select 'Voluntary'
  3. If you know you are not obligated, select 'Not Obligated' and answer the questions to confirm that you are not obligated
  4. If you are unsure, select 'Unsure' and answer a series of questions to determine if you are obligated, voluntary, or not obligated





Proceed to edit or confirm your obligation as described in the 'Confirmation' section above. 

Confirm Obligation for Multiple Periods

After confirming your obligation in one period, if other periods are outstanding, you will have the opportunity to indicate if your obligation was the same in any of those periods. To do so, select any periods where your obligation was the same, and click 'Continue'. 


In the pop-up that appears, review the information to ensure it is correct. If so, click 'I Confirm My Answers' to proceed, or 'Cancel' to make a change. 


Next Steps

Once your obligation is confirmed for a program in a given period, you will be able to start your report for that program and period. If you require any assistance, contact National Steward Services at or 1 (888) 980-9549. 


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