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Introduction and GHG Overview (MMSW)


This reporting guide is a resource to assist you in submitting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions data related to your residential recycling program’s collection operations.

As per section 4.6.2 of the Waste Packaging and Paper Stewardship Plan and section 7.2(b) of collectors’ Services Agreements, MMSW will be collecting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data associated with the program’s collection and recycling of residential waste packaging and paper.

In this reporting guide you will find information on how to collect and report your GHG data. Please see the GHG Reporting Guide: Post-Collection and Marketing for information on reporting data from activities associated with transporting, processing and marketing waste packaging and paper at sorting facilities. The first MMSW GHG report was due January 31, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 1-855-886-4558

What are GHG emissions?

GHG emissions are generated from the burning of fossil fuels across a variety of activities associated with the operation of residential recycling programs. GHG emissions can include the many fuel types used in vehicles like trucks or forklifts, as well as the energy used in buildings (electricity, natural gas) for heating and cooling. They also include emissions associated with the manufacturing of paper products (flyers, brochures, utility bill inserts, etc.) which may be used for promotion and education purposes.

When do I need to begin reporting GHG data?

GHG reporting is an annual reporting obligation under section 7.2(b) of collectors’ Services Agreement. 

GHG reports are due by January 31 each year. For example, GHG data for the January to December, 2021 operational year will be due by January 31, 2022.

How do I report GHG emissions data?

GHG emissions data is to be reported via the WeRecycle Portal. Please see the MMSW Portal User Guide for more information on submitting your GHG report via the portal.

Maintaining records of how you collect GHG data

Please upload any supporting documentation related to the data collection of your GHG claim using the 'Attach Supporting Document' tile. It will be used to substantiate your submitted report.

What GHG data do I need to report for collection-related operations?

MMSW requires that you report any emissions from operations related to the collection of waste packaging and paper from your residential recycling program. This includes operations that may or may not be conducted by your own municipality, regional waste authority or First Nations community. For example, if you have sub-contracted any portion of services for your residential recycling program, those GHG emissions are also to be reported.

As a municipality, regional waste authority or First Nations community providing residential waste packaging and paper recycling services, do you directly:

  • Collect waste packaging and paper from residents via depot service?
  • Collect waste packaging and paper from residents via curbside service?

If the answer to any of the above is no, then you will need to work with your sub-contractor to obtain the required GHG data from those activities.

Generally, GHG data will come from three activities: fleet (collection vehicles), facilities (buildings and equipment) and supplies (paper for recycling guides, etc.).

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