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Curbside/Multi-Family GHG Reporting FAQ (MMSW)

Are there any administrative activities included as GHG reporting requirements?

There is no requirement to report any fuel or electricity consumption from administration offices that are used to support the curbside MMSW WPP Program. The paper from promotional literature associated with the MMSW Program developed and distributed by the collector or subcontractor should be reported on.

Are there any special guidelines for how to report multi-family GHG data?

Multi-family requirements are the same as curbside requirements, and do not have any special guidelines.

We have some routes that collect WPP from curbside households and multi-family buildings in the same collection truck. How do we allocate the fuel quantities used for these trucks between curbside and multifamily collections?

For these routes there is no need to allocate the fuel consumption between curbside and multi-family contracts. All fuel consumption under this scenario is reported to the curbside contract and a Zero Emissions report must be submitted for the multi-family contract in order for reporting to be considered complete. 

We deliver carts and recycling bins using separate trucks. Do we report on the fuel used to deliver both?

Yes, the fuel related to the cart and recycling bin delivery truck(s) should be included in your GHG report.

If we have a third party that does curbside collection do they have to give me any information on their facilities and our share of that?

For curbside and multi-family collection no facility GHG data is required. Facility GHG data is only required for post-collection management of WPP. You will be notified by MMSW if you are required to report on post-collection activities.

Is data entered on a per vehicle basis or as a total for our entire fleet? What if different vehicle classes are used, how are they entered?

Please enter total fleet data by each vehicle class.

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