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GHG Depot Collection (MMSW)

Summary of requested GHG emissions data 

Collection fleet

  • Class of vehicles used for depot collection.
  • Type of fuel used for depot collection vehicles.
  • Total amount of fuel used by collection vehicles by vehicle class.

Collection facilities (if your sub-contractor’s depot is located inside a building)

  • Type of fossil fuel-based equipment you/sub-contractor use at your/sub-contractor’s depot(s), and the amount of fuel you/sub-contractor purchased for it (in litres or cubic metres m3).
  • Amount of electricity your/sub-contractor’s depot used for lighting, heat, office, etc. (in kWh).
  • Amount of natural gas (in GJ or m3) or other fuel types (in L) used to heat your/sub-contractor’s depot. 
  • % of depot floor space used for MMSW (how to calculate is detailed below).
  • Total paper (by weight) of packaging and paper product recycling-related material purchased (e.g. recycling guides, pamphlets)
  • Type of paper purchased for materials as above, and % recycled content.



  • What classes of vehicles are being used for collection of packaging and paper product from depot households in your program?
    • Light duty truck - (SUVs, minivans, full size vans, pickup trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating under 3856 Kg (8500lbs) and a curb weight under 2722 Kg (6000 lbs)
    • Heavy duty - (road vehicles with a gross vehicle weight over 3856 Kg (8500 lbs) and a curb weight over 2722 Kg (6000 lbs)
  • What is the total amount and type of fuel consumed by each vehicle class (e.g. Heavy Duty vehicle; 1,000 litres of diesel)?
    • If the total amount and type of fuel consumed per vehicle class is not available, then we will need to know the number of kilometers travelled by each vehicle type (i.e. total mileage).
    • If you are reporting kilometres travelled and this has been approved by MMSW, you will find this option in the reporting portal list of vehicle types titled Vehicle (Heavy) - Diesel Distance.

Program Maintenance/Staff Activity

  • Fuel usage associated with activities like site inspections or maintenance.


  • GHG from facilities applies only if your depot is located inside a building or is outdoors and uses energy for lighting.


  • MMSW requires data on the kind(s) of fossil fuel-based equipment you use at your depots. For example, does your depot have any forklifts, skid steers, loaders, etc.? Do they run on gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (propane) or natural gas?
    • Remember, this is only equipment that is used for the collection of waste packaging and paper, including staff activity like site inspections or maintenance – it is not to be included if it is only used for the management of waste packaging and paper once it has already been collected.
  • Please determine the amount of fuel purchased for your/sub-contractor’s equipment and record the total in litres. If different pieces of equipment use different fuels, please record the equipment and fuel usage separately. Please also include the percentage of the time this type of equipment is used for MMSW-related use.

Here is an example of how you can record your information or the information received from your sub-contractor/third party in preparation for when you need to submit it to MMSW:

Type of Equipment Forklift Type of Equipment Front-end loader
% of the time dedicated to MMSW materials 25% % of time dedicated to MMSW materials 10%
Type of Fuel Used Diesel Type of Fuel Used Diesel
Month Total Fuel Usage (L) Month Total Fuel Usage (L)
January 398 January 612
January 398 x .25 = 99.50L January 612 x .10 = 61L


Electricity Consumption

  • Please report how much electricity gets consumed at your depot for the collection of waste packaging and paper.
  • Typically, this information is available from your electricity bill or from SaskPower.

Here is an example of how you could record your information or the information received from your sub-contractor for this section in preparation for reporting through our system:

Month Usage (kWh)
January 1,394

Please notify us if you are not able to find out the electricity consumption solely for your MMSW depot(s).

Heating Consumption

  • If heating is generated by natural gas or another fuel type (diesel, kerosene, light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, propane, ethane, butane), please record how much is being consumed at your depot.
  • For natural gas, the amount should be in gigajoules (GJ or m3); other fuel types should be reported in litres (L). Typically, this information is available from your heating bill or from SaskEnergy.

Year Over Year Comparison

  • If you report both collection and post-collection data, please compare your reported figures to the previous year and share any additional relevant information regarding what has contributed to a substantial change (+/- 20% of YOY totals).
  • Use the ‘Attach Supporting Document’ tile to share additional relevant information via the provided  ‘Year Over Year Comparison’ template.

Upload Supporting Documentation

  • Using the ‘Attach Supporting Document’ tile on the Home page, please submit any relevant documentation that was used to compile the reporting data. E.g. Excel templates from a sub-contractor, print order for recycling schedules.

How do I determine MMSW GHG data vs. my other collection activities?

Please click here for more information.

Paper Use

Please click here for more information.

Questions and Support

Information about GHG reporting, reporting guides, webinar materials and FAQs can all be found on the MMSW GHG reporting webpage:

Please contact the MMSW GHG team should you need assistance with filing your reports or if you have any questions:


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