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The following terms are used throughout the reporting requirements.



Automotive HSP

Term used by AMS to describe materials designated under the HSP Regulation. It includes used antifreeze, oil and antifreeze containers, and oil filters

Automotive Plastics

Refers to used Oil and Antifreeze Containers


Bill of Lading ((one of the document types used to support submissions to the WeRecycle Portal)

Bulk Move

Refers to the transportation of Automotive HSP that is collected and consolidated before being delivered to an approved Processor

Bulk Move Report A report submitted by Haulers that documents the transportation of consolidated materials to an approved Processor (Step #2 of reporting a Bulk Move)


A report that will lead to payment being made by AMS, such as a Transport Claim or a Process Claim

Collection Site 

A location approved by AMS where Automotive HSP is collected, such as an automotive service centre, dealership, marina, municipal event/depot or industrial site

Consolidation Point

A location such as a yard or a trailer, where materials are “bulked”/consolidated before transportation to an approved Processor

Direct Move

Refers to the transportation of Automotive HSP directly from collection site(s) to an approved Processor, which is reported by Haulers as a Transport Claim 

Diversion Report

A report submitted by Processors that documents how Automotive HSP is managed after being processed

HSP Regulation

Hazardous and Special Products Regulation, effective October 1, 2021 as authorized under the RRCEA, details collection and management requirements for Hazardous and Special Products

Process Claim A report submitted by a Processor that documents Automotive HSP received from approved Haulers and that was processed at an approved Processing Facility (for materials for which AMS provides payment for processing services)


A general term for submission of information to AMS, including claims


The Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 was passed by the Ontario Government in 2016 and provides the legislative authority for the HSP Regulation

Transport Claim A report submitted by a Hauler that documents Automotive HSP picked up at an approved Collection Site and either delivered directly to an approved Processor (Direct Move), or to a Consolidation Point (Step #1 of reporting a Bulk Move)



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