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Accurate reporting of designated packaging and paper materials supplied to consumers helps ensure that recycling system costs are distributed fairly amongst all producers/stewards. Reports are a key input to the fee setting process.

Information provided here will assist obligated producers/stewards with their annual reporting requirements, including the submission of quantitative data and qualitative information about their materials.

Reporting of annual supply data includes common steps for all producers/stewards, as well as specific requirements for different producer/steward profiles. For example, the reporting experience of a retailer is slightly different from that of a manufacturer or a distributor.

All producers/stewards are required to collect, organize and submit data for designated packaging and paper materials supplied to consumers in each province where they are obligated. Reports must be submitted in the WeRecycle Portal by May 31 each year.

Reporting OverviewReporting Overview
Preparing Your DataPreparing Your Data
Submitting ReportsSubmitting Reports
Validation and AdjustmentsValidation and Adjustments