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Program Registration

The WeRecycle Portal for stewards/producers supports the following programs:

  • Recycle BC [British Columbia], Packaging and Paper Product
  • Multi-Material Stewardship Western [Saskatchewan], Packaging and Paper Product (MMSW)
  • Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba [Manitoba], Packaging and Paper Product (MMSM)
  • Stewardship Ontario [Ontario], Packaging and Paper Product

The WeRecycle Portal for producers supports the following PROs:

  • Automotive Materials Stewardship [Ontario], (AMS)
  • Circular Materials Ontario
  • Circular Materials New Brunswick

If you have an obligation with one of these programs, but your WeRecycle account is not yet registered with that program, follow the steps below to register. 

Program Registration

From the home page, scroll down and select the 'Register for another program' tile. 

Select Program

Click the radio button to the left of the applicable program, and then click 'Continue'. If you do not see the program you wish to register for, you may already be registered with it. 




All programs require a primary contact be established. Use the dropdown to select yourself, or a colleague, as the primary contact for this program. You can also input a new person by selecting 'New Contact' and completing the required fields. This will trigger an email to that person with their login information. Use the checkboxes to assign additional contact roles to the primary contact. Learn more about contact roles

It is recommended you also list a secondary contact in case you cannot be reached. Lastly, you can also use the 'Add Another Contact' button to add a billing contact or environmental lead contact. These roles are optional. 

Click the 'Save Contacts' button to continue. 


Membership Agreement

Some programs require a Membership Agreement (MA) be signed in order to complete your registration. If applicable, the Portal will allow you to upload a PDF of your signed MA. If you are not ready to upload your MA, you can proceed without uploading it, but note that you will not be able to submit reports until an MA is provided. 


Producer Services Agreement

Both Circular Materials Ontario and Circular Materials New Brunswick require a Producer Services Agreement (PSA) to be signed in order to complete your registration. If applicable, the Portal will allow you to upload a PDF of your signed PSA. Customer Relations can also assist you with the uploading of your PSA.  The reporting screens will not be visible until this step is completed and an executed PSA is uploaded. 

Next Steps

Once you have completed the above, use the buttons to choose whether to:

  • Register for another program
  • Confirm obligation for a program
  • Return to the home page
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