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Submit Report via Key Entry

Select the ‘Key in Your Report’ tile from the home page to get started.


Along the top of the reporting screens you will see a progress bar, also known as a breadcrumb. This bar can be used to track your progress through a reporting submission or navigate to a previous section by selecting the icon.


Select the contract applicable to the quantities you intend to report.


Please note that your system will only show report types included in your legal agreement.

Contract Summary

Report Type (as outlined in your local agreement) WeRecycle Contract Type (as displayed on the portal) Notes
Pick up of CMA’s proportionate share by a Pre-Conditioning Facility PROPICKUP Only applicable to certain PCF contracts
Pick up of CMA's proportionate share by a Receiving Facility COLLECTION Only applicable to certain PCF contracts
Receipt of CMA's proportionate share scaled-in at the Pre-conditioning Facility PROCESS All PCF partners must complete these reports
Composition Audits AUDIT Only applicable to certain PCF contracts
Material shipped to another RF or a PCF TRANSPORT Only applicable to certain RF/PCF contracts
Material shipped to an end market EOLSENT All PCF partners must complete these reports
Material received by an end market EOLRECD Only applicable to certain PCF contracts
Full or partial load that is rejected at the Pre-conditioning Facility (after it’s been scaled in due to contamination) REJECTED All PCF partners must complete these reports if a load is rejected
Flat fee to be applied to a PROCESS contract TRANSPORTATION FEE Only applicable to certain PCF contracts
Curbside collection from NB Entities – brought to RF/PCF CURBSIDE Applicable to Entities contract
Collection from the Depot Sites – brought to RF/PCF DEPOT Applicable to the Redemption Centre Contract
Collection from School sites – brought to RF/PCF SCHOOL Applicable to School contract

Material Quantities

Provide the information applicable to your report. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk*.


Report Reference Fields (1)

  • Document Number: Key in your weigh scale ticket or bill of lading (BOL) number here. Please note that once you have used a document number (e.g. a weigh scale ticket or BOL) you cannot use the same ticket or BOL again. For example, if you are reporting 10 service events as part of one report, you must enter 10 unique document numbers.
  • Service Date: The date when the material was picked up.
  • Delivery Date: The date when you will be submitting the report. Must be equal to or later than the service date.
  • Reference: Optional field for any reference information.
  • Supplemental Text: Optional field for supporting information.
  • Originating Site: Enter any three letters of the originating site name, address or postal code and the system will auto-populate the list.
  • Destination Site: Enter any three letters of the destination site name, address or postal code and the system will auto-populate the list.

Reporting Data Fields (2)

  • Reporting Qty: Enter the data/weight being reported here.
    • For materials with unit of measure Kg, enter the total weight being reported. In cases where the unit of measure is baled/compacted, enter the total number of bales or compactions.
    • For tub/supersack/polybag, enter in the number of container units.
  • Measured Qty: This field will be populated automatically for Reporting Qty materials measured in kgs. For baled or compacted materials, please manually enter their total weight in kgs. For tub/supersack/polybag, enter the total weight in kgs.


1 bale = 25 Kg 
3 bales = 75 Kg (calculate and enter manually)

Material Line options buttons (3)

  • Copy Line: Will duplicate the line selected, including the Originating Site.
  • Delete: WIll remove the line item from reporting.

Action Button Menu (4)

There are four "action buttons” to assist you in navigating the portal as you submit reports. Please refer to the screenshot above.

  • Add Another Document: If you are reporting multiple service events as part of one report submission, you can use this button to add another document e.g. weigh scale ticket or BOL. View the list of in progress documents by clicking on the Document No. drop down in blue text.
  • New Originating Site: Once information has been entered and saved for the first originating site, you can add additional originating sites to the same document number by clicking “New Originating Site”. This will clear out only the Originating Site field and the Material Details section. The Service Date, Delivery Date, Destination Site and Document Number will remain the same. Click “Save for Later” after entering data for each originating site. Select the filter icon to view the different Originating Sites data.
  • Save for Later: Saves your current report in a draft status so it can be worked on later.
  • Submit Report: This will bring you to the next screen to confirm your submission before it is finalized and fully submitted.

Reports in draft status can be viewed on the home page by clicking on the ‘Continue Report’ button. It will show how many drafts are in progress.


Click on the Document No. of the report to continue editing/return to the Material Quantities screen.


Once in the Material Quantities screen, click the blue Document No. to display current documents (1). Documents can be selected by clicking on the Document No. (2) and deleted by clicking the trash can icon (3).


Error Messages

After entering the report data, click the ‘Submit Report’ button on the top right of the screen. If there are any errors identified, the report cannot be submitted. The portal will present a blue error message in the bottom half of the screen, identifying the missing data.


Update the report with missing data and proceed with the submission.

Submit Report

Once your report is filled out, click ‘Submit Report’. This will submit all current reports in progress or draft status for the selected contract type.



You will see a Report Submission summary page which show the total number of documents entered and the total weight entered in the report. If no changes are to be made, select ‘Submit Report Now’ (1).

If changes need to be made, you can click on ‘Material Quantities’ in the breadcrumb (2) or scroll up on the page which will bring you back to the Material Quantities screen (3). You will need to click ‘Submit Report’ after making changes for them to be reflected on the Report Submission summary screen.


Submission Summary

  1. Report submission overview provides a report number and a summary of the submitted report.
  2. You can review your submission by either downloading an Excel or viewing online as a PDF.
    • The Excel file will download automatically. The PDF will open in another window and can be downloaded by clicking the ‘Download’ icon in the top right of the black bar beside the print icon.
    • Please note that the Excel summary is only available on this screen and cannot be downloaded later via the ‘View Submitted Reports’ tile.
  3. Action buttons to return to the home page or submit another report.


Submit saved (multiple) documents

If you have submitted multiple documents, a preview of the document details and # of documents will appear before and after submission.


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