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View Submitted Reports

The ‘View Submitted Reports’ tile presents a list of previously submitted claims.


  1. Search by report number, contract description, submission date or status. Click ‘Search’ to populate the list of reports that matches the criteria entered.
  2. The table will display the details of the reporting, including the report status for each report.
  3. ‘Show Details’ will display an overview of the submitted report details. ‘View PDF’ will open a PDF version of the submitted report, which can then be downloaded.
  4. ‘Download List as PDF’ will display a PDF version of the submitted report list.
    • The PDF will open in another window and can be downloaded by clicking the ‘Download’ icon in the top right of the black bar beside the print icon.
Report Status Description
Not yet approved The report has been received and the SPR team will be conducting a review of the data
Approved The report has been validated and approved
Your Payment is in process The approved report has been booked for payment, and will be received in net 30 days
Your payment has been processed The payment has been released via EFT


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