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MMSW is a not-for-profit organization established to help obligated businesses meet their requirements under Saskatchewan’s Recycling Regulation. MMSW members include retailers, restaurants, importers, manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers and any organization that supplies waste packaging and paper to Saskatchewan residents. 

MMSW collectors, which include municipalities, regional waste authorities and First Nations, deliver waste packaging and paper recycling services to residents. By participating in the MMSW program, collectors can receive up to 75% of their net recycling program costs. The payments by MMSW members reduce the financial burden on municipal budgets for waste management.  

Collectors that participate in the MMSW program sign a Services Agreement that outlines the policies, procedures, and reporting requirements to receive payments from MMSW.  Collectors submit three kinds of online reports:

  • Claims
  • GHG Reports
  • Annual Information Report

Claims and reports are submitted via the WeRecycle Portal. The Portal is a proven and secure online platform operated through MMSW’s partnership with Circular Materials, which provides services to various recycling programs.

Please find information below on how to submit those reports.


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