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Update Contact Information


Please verify the following related to your contacts:

  • Persons listed are current and correct
    • It is recommended collectors list at least two contacts. 
    • Please remove any contacts who are no longer with your organization. 
  • The contact information for each person is current and correct. 
  • The role(s) assigned to each contact are current and correct. Learn more about each contact role.

Click 'Edit Contacts' to make any changes or 'Confirm Changes' if there are no changes to the displayed information.


Editing Contacts

After clicking 'Edit':

  • Click 'Add Another Contact' to add a new person
  • Click 'Edit' to change the contact information or roles for existing contacts
  • If you need to remove/change a Primary contact, please contact


While editing a contact:

  1. Make sure the name and contact information are correct. 
  2. Assign the applicable contact roles. Learn more about each contact role.
  3. Click 'Save' when all changes are complete. 


Repeat the process for each contact that needs to be updated. 

Once all changes are complete, click 'Close' to close the contact pop-up. 


Finally, click 'Confirm Changes' to proceed. 


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