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GHG Reporting - Annual Reminders

MMSW is providing guidance on three common issues to support Haulers and Collectors in providing accurate 2024 GHG information by January 31, 2025. Contact us for further assistance:  

Portal Login Credentials 

Has your GHG contact changed? Do you know your username to log into the WeRecycle Portal? You can reset your password on the Portal main page using the ‘Forgot Password’ link.  

Find more information about contact management here.


Subcontractor Allocation %  

Please confirm with your subcontractor(s) whether their supplied GHG data has had the allocation percentage applied to the quantity field. Information about the GHG Material Quantities table is available here

When reporting on an emission type, the % allocated should be reflected in the quantity field.  
Example: 1000L of Propane was used and 75% of that propane is attributed to your WPP program. 750L would be entered in the ‘Qty. attributed to MMSW’ field. 



Previously Submitted Reports 

Reviewing last year’s data can help prepare you for what needs to be reported this year. Supporting paperwork may be required if there are significant variances between reporting years.  

To see reports that were submitted last year, click on ‘View Submitted Reports’ in the Portal and reference ‘GHG’ for the contract description. Find more information here

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