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GHG Depot Collection (Recycle BC)

Summary of Requested Data

We are asking for the following information to be provided, as it pertains to depot activities:

  • Type of fossil fuel-based equipment used at the depot, and amount of fuel used (litres or cubic metres m3)
  • Amount of electricity used for lighting, heat, office, etc. (kWh)
  • Amount of natural gas (GJ or m3) or other fuel types (L) used for heating the depot 
  •  % of depot floor space used for Recycle BC (calculation method is detailed below)
  • Total paper (by weight in KG) of packaging and paper product recycling-related material purchased (e.g. recycling guides, pamphlets)
  • Type of paper purchased for materials on previous line, and % recycled content

The following sections describe in more detail what we are requesting that you track, record, and report to Recycle BC for GHG reporting purposes.

Further Description


We would like to know what kind(s) of fossil fuel-based equipment are used at your depot. For example, does the depot have any forklifts, skid steers, loaders, etc.? Do they run on gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (propane) or natural gas?

Please track the amount of fuel purchased for the equipment and record the total in litres. If different pieces of equipment use different fuels, please record the equipment and fuel usage separately. Please also include the % of the time this type of equipment is used for Recycle BC-related use.

Here is an example for how you can record your information in preparation for when you need to submit it to Recycle BC:



Electricity Consumption

We would like to know how much electricity is used at the depot. There are a few ways to get this information:

  1. Some electricity operators provide online electricity tracking tools, such as MyHydro from BC Hydro:


2. Alternatively, usage can be viewed on your electricity bill:


If you are not using an online electricity tracking tool, here is an example for how the information for this section could be recorded in preparation for reporting:


Please notify us if you are not able to find out the electricity consumption solely for your Recycle BC depot.

Heating Consumption

If depot heating is generated by natural gas or another fuel type (diesel, kerosene, light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, propane, ethane, butane), record how much is being consumed at your depot. For natural gas, the amount should be in gigajoules (GJ or m3); other fuel types should be reported in litres (L). There are a few ways to get this information:

  • Usage can be viewed on your heating bills:


  • OR if there are no heating bills just for your depot, report the total area of the depot in square metres or square feet and the type of fuel used for heating the building.


Recycle BC Allocation

Recycle BC recognizes that your depot collection activities may not be entirely related to Recycle BC materials. Recycle BC only requires you report on GHG data that relates to Recycle BC-related activities within your recycling program. 

To accurately report only Recycle BC GHG data, we recommend you apply a consistent methodology for calculating this allocation.

For example, if your heated and/or lit depot also collects and stores materials not related to Recycle BC, please only report a portion of the utilities according to a methodology based on proportional indoor floor space used for Recycle BC operational activities.

Example Scenario: Heating and electricity utilities from depot 

If the depot used to collect and store your residential PPP collection is heated and lit and collects and stores items other than packaging and paper product, please allocate only a portion of the total utilities based on the relative square footage used for indoor collection and storage activities related to your residential paper and packaging recyclable materials. 


Paper Use for Recycling Related Promotion and Education Materials 

For additional information, please click here.

Questions and Support

Information about GHG reporting, reporting guides, webinar materials and FAQs can all be found on the Recycle BC GHG reporting webpage: 

Please contact Recycle BC’s GHG Reporting Team should you need assistance with filing your reports or if you have questions: 


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