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General GHG FAQ (Recycle BC)

Where does GHG emissions reporting begin and end?

The starting point of Recycle BC's GHG emissions reporting is the receipt of packaging and paper product (PPP) material at the curb, multi-family building, or depot. The end-point of GHG emissions reporting is the delivery of material to end markets, including the shipment of material to these locations.

How do I submit my report if I don't have emissions data?

There are two line items to choose from in the WeRecycle Portal when submitting a No Emissions report type:

  • GHG Data Not Available: There may still be emissions to report but you are unable to compile or access the data. A reminder that it is a contractual requirement for each collector to track their GHG data and report it through the WeRecycle portal, at minimum on an annual basis.
  • Zero Emissions: For contract types and/or originating sites that have zero emissions to report. If you have any supporting documentation to verify the zero emissions claim, please submit it by using the 'Supporting Documentation' tile.


If either case applies to you, enter “1” in the percentage allocation and quantity fields and submit your report. The GHG reporting team will be in touch with you for assistance following your submission.

Is it mandatory for all Recycle BC service providers (including collectors) to report their GHG information?

Yes, the service agreement service providers sign with Recycle BC includes the commitment to report GHG information as laid out in the Statement of Work (SOW).

We use a subcontractor for our PPP recycling services. Would it be up to the subcontractor to report or the local government in this case?

Whomever is the signing partner for the collection contract is responsible for submitting the required GHG data to Recycle BC.

How will all of Recycle BC’s service providers submit their GHG data to Recycle BC?

Data must be submitted through Recycle BC’s WeRecycle Portal.

What is the frequency of GHG reporting?

At a minimum, reporting is required annually. However, you are encouraged to take advantage of the option to access the WeRecycle Portal and input collector data on a more frequent basis (eg. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually).

What is the deadline for submitting GHG data to Recycle BC on an annual basis?

The deadline for Recycle BC to receive all service provider GHG information for the previous year’s data is January 31.

Are we able to access what was submitted in previous years by our organization, if requested? Being new to reporting it would help to see/compare to last year’s reporting.

Yes, users can access previously submitted GHG reports using the WeRecycle Portal by clicking on the “View Submitted Reports” tile from the home page.

How does Recycle BC’s requirement to report GHG data related to the collection, transportation and processing of PPP impact our reporting to the provincial government through the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) program?

The BC Government has clearly communicated that local governments are no longer required to account for (GHG) emissions from vehicles, equipment and machinery required for the collection, transportation and diversion of PPP in their annual CARIP reports. This took effect starting with the 2017 CARIP reporting year. Please see the following applicable references for further clarity.

If you require clarification regarding rebates for carbon taxes purchased, it is suggested you speak directly with the Province regarding eligibility of any rebates for carbon taxes paid on fuels associated with the collection of Recycle BC PPP materials. The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) report and the Carbon Tax Calculation Form are separate reporting requirements, and the guidance notifying local governments that they are no longer required to account for GHG emission associated with packaging and paper products is specific for the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) report.

Who should I contact if I have a question about what and how to report my GHG data?

Please contact the Recycle BC – Greenhouse Gas Reporting team, Email: Phone: 1-855-875-3596 (Option 3)

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