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Producer Contact Roles

Your WeRecycle login allows you to maintain the contacts from your organization involved in your reporting. There are roles you can assign to each contact listed on your account which allow these contacts to perform different functions on the portal. For example, only the Primary Contact on your account can click 'submit' on your reports. The sections below describe each of the contact roles in order to help you determine which roles to assign to each of your contacts. 

Primary Contact 

Primary Contacts can confirm obligation questions, enter data, and submit reports. This individual is the officer or agent under whose authority a report is filed or amended. This role is mandatory. 

If your organization is registered with multiple programs, you can designate the same Primary Contact for as many programs as you like. 

Secondary Contact 

Secondary Contacts can confirm obligation questions and enter data, but cannot submit reports. This role is optional.

Billing Contact 

Billing Contacts will receive copies of invoices and financial statements relating to the account. This role is optional. 

Environmental Lead 

Environmental Leads will receive communications, but cannot log on to the portal. This role is optional. 

Signing Officer

Signing Officers have the authority to legally bind their organization, which includes executing the following types of Agreements as part of registration:

  • PPP Programs - Membership and Voluntary Steward Agreements
  • AMS - Customer Agreements and Voluntary Reporter Agreements

For the PPP and MHSW Programs, they also have the authority to designate a new Primary Contact for the organization’s account. In the event that no other contacts on an account can be reached, the Signing Officer will be contacted.

Legal Contact

Legal contacts will receive communications regarding specific notices, but cannot log on to the portal. This role is optional. 

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