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Account Management

clipboard_eee71bc77afbd93d55e5f248893b0ad4e.png Use the WeRecycle Portal to update your account and contact information and to access past reports and invoices. 

Account Updates

Updates to an account can be made through the “View/Edit” account tile. Using the tabs at the top to navigate you can:

  • Add or edit contact information on “Manage Contacts”
  • Submit your RPRA ID# on “Programs”
  • Access specific documents from “Shared Files"


Add or update contact information as needed at any time. 

  • Learn more about the contact roles here
  • To change a primary contact, please complete the primary contact form, available here


View Past Reports

Once a draft report has been started and saved it can be viewed in the past reports section of the portal. After the draft is submitted the status of the report will update automatically.

A PDF version can be downloaded and saved for your records at any time on the Portal.



Billing Status

Invoices are released following each quarterly reporting deadline.  They are posted to the “View Invoices” tile and emailed directly to the primary and billing contacts. The PDF can be downloaded and saved at any time.

Payments of less than $5000 can be made through the Portal using a credit card.



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