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Reporting Guide

clipboard_eee71bc77afbd93d55e5f248893b0ad4e.png How to Submit a Report

Access the WeRecycle Portal at If you have not yet registered on the WeRecycle Portal please review the Registration Guide.

This checklist outlines the steps to complete and submit your reports and provides relevant screen shots from the WeRecycle Portal.

User ID and Password

Ensure you have a User ID and password to log into the Portal.

  • Use the “Did you forget your password?” link to recover your login information or contact 1-888-575-4870 or for assistance.
  • Only the Primary Contact (PC) can submit final reports. Secondary contacts can enter data into the Portal, and may leave a report “in progress”, but only the PC has the authority to submit.

Confirm Your Obligation

Before you can submit a report in a given quarter, you will need to confirm your obligation for the full reporting period:

  • Select the 'Confirm your Obligation' tile from the home page.
  • Choose the AMS PRO option and a summary of obligation periods will appear.
  • Click the icons in the table to learn more about your status.


  • A question mark indicates you must confirm your obligation
  • A check mark indicates you have already confirmed your status as 'obligated'
  • An 'X' indicates you have confirmed 'not obligated', and no report is required
  • Below the summary table, select the period you wish to confirm obligation for. The dropdown menu will present periods where obligation is available to be confirmed.

On the next screen provide a response for each question and select ‘Continue’. Review and confirm your answers to complete this stage. Answering the obligation questions will permit your organization to enter your annual management targets as calculated by RPRA (during the annual supply reporting period).




Start a New Report

After you have completed the confirmation, choose “Navigate to Reporting” or the “Start a New Report” tile from the home page.  

“AMS PRO” will appear as an option. The oldest outstanding report will be required first.  You will be asked to choose your reporting preferences including deciding if you wish to report by Division or Report for VRAs.

  • Determine if you would like to report using separate divisions for your report. Divisions allow you to split your report into different sections as you choose, perhaps by department or area of your organization's operations.


Submit a Voluntary Report

  • If you are a Voluntary Reporter, the voluntary reports must be submitted first before you submit your own report.
  • Choose the “Report for Another Steward” option and which customer report you would like to submit.
  • Complete the report as usual and be sure to return to the “Start a New Report” tile to submit any remaining reports.


Material Quantities

Use the Material Quantities section to enter the amount of each designated material you supplied in the given quarter.

  • Note that antifreeze containers with a volume of 30 litres or less need to be included in quarterly reports. The equivalent litres of antifreeze fluid that was supplied in the containers need to be reported in a separate category as concentrate or premix. Both the fluid content and the weight of the container is obligated under the regulation. The fluid amount should be greater than the antifreeze container amount if fluid quantities supplied in bulk are also being reported.
  • Worksheets are available for antifreeze containers and oil containers to assist with calculations. Choose the green icon next to the category to view the list of common container sizes and enter the number of units supplied for each size.
  • Navigate through each section by using the “Save and Continue” buttons in the bottom right corner. “Continue” has an auto save function to allow an easier flow through each section.
  • You can exit the report and return later to submit. Be sure to save your data before exiting. You can come back to the report via the “Continue a Report I’ve Started” tile on the home page.
  • A NIL report can be submitted if you did not supply any materials during the quarterly data period. To complete a NIL report, select the “NIL Report” checkbox in the top right corner.




The WeRecycle Portal is set up to collect detailed information about the methodology you use in preparing your quarterly AMS reports. During our report validation process we use this information to assist us in identifying and adjusting any reporting errors on a quarterly basis. This ensures that at the end of each year, when AMS prepares your annual supply report for submission to RPRA, your data is accurate.

In the methodology section, please explain in detail the process used to gather data for reported quantities. Please contact us with any questions about completing this section.

Responses are needed for each of the text boxes. You can choose “Copy from Previous Report” to populate your responses from the prior report and edit as needed.


Brands & Affiliates

In the brands and affiliates section, it is important that you list every brand and affiliate you have included in your report, ensuring that you only include those brands for which you are obligated.

  • There are three ways to add your brand information:
    • you can add each manually;
    • upload a spreadsheet; or
    • choose “Copy from Previous Report” to populate the brands from the prior quarter assuming there have been no changes.
  • Use the + and x buttons to add or remove names on the list.


Submit Report Screen

After your supplied quantities, methodology and brands have been entered you can review your information and click 'Submit' to finish.

  • Scroll through the report sections to review your total quantities and basic information.
  • Read and confirm the terms and conditions by clicking the checkbox.
  • Click 'Submit Report' to finish.
  • Reminder: if you are a Secondary Contact, you will not be able to submit a report. Only the Primary Contact can submit reports.
  • If you encounter an error message, there may be information missing from one of the report sections. The message will indicate which section requires attention.


Maintaining the Integrity of Your Reporting Process and Data

We recommend that you maintain the records of the process you used to produce the report, a list of your data sources and the tools or any internal reports used – this will ensure you are in compliance with Section 54 of the HSP Regulation which requires producers to maintain records for five years and that you have the necessary records should RPRA audit your reports. The WeRecycle Portal also stores copies of all your prior reports should you require them. 

Please note that if you decide to change the way you collect and calculate your quantities of HSP supplied in Ontario, this type of methodology change can be applied to future reports but cannot be applied to prior reports. 

Read about the Adjustment Policy for submitted reports. 


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