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Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is a policy approach where businesses that supply designated materials are financially accountable for those materials over their life cycle. Watch this video for more on EPR. In Canada, most provinces have enabled legislation and regulations that provide for either full or partial EPR for packaging and paper products.

Circular Materials is a national not for profit producer responsibility organization that supports producers in meeting their EPR obligations across Canada. Circular Materials operates as a producer responsibility organization (PRO) in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta and Yukon and supports EPR programs in Manitoba (Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba), Saskatchewan (Multi-Material Stewardship Western) and British Columbia (Recycle BC). Companies who supply packaging and paper (including single use and packaging like products) may be obligated as producers of designated materials. If your organization supplies packaging and paper to consumers for their personal, family or household use, you may be required to register, report and financially contribute to provincial EPR programs.

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Understanding Provincial RequirementsUnderstanding Provincial Requirements
Determining Your ObligationDetermining Your Obligation
Voluntary StewardshipVoluntary Stewardship