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General Questions

Begin your report by answering some general questions.

  • Click a box to select the answer and then proceed to the next question. 
  • Select 'not applicable' if the event did not occur or does not apply to you. 


WPP Collected

For each material that you collect, please indicate in which stream(s) you collect the material.

The checkboxes for the appropriate materials are highlighted according to the collection streams you have indicated. Please check all that apply. Collectors using sub-contractors may need to consult them for details. Please be thorough in selecting the materials included in your collection.

Resident's Usage of the Recycling Program

Have there been any changes to the level of participation in your program? Are more residents setting their carts our on collection day? Are fewer doing this? Are you encountering more material at your depot? This will help us better understand the effectiveness of your recycling program and/or provide further context to your submitted claims.

End Markets

Have there been any difficulties with shipping and/or selling recycled materials from your program to end markets?

Ensuring recyclables are shipped to an end market so they can be used again is a key objective of the MMSW program to deliver positive environmental outcomes.


Do you currently use a sub-contractor to deliver residential recycling services for collection, processing, or marketing of WPP? 

If ‘Yes’, who is your current sub-contractor?  

Complete General Questions

Once you have answered all of the general questions, click 'Update the information above' at the bottom to proceed. 


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